Will you marry me?ye$

It never occurred to me until now that we need a bank system called Bank of Marriage. Until now nothing has stopped me from falling in love, from making someone that I like as my boo. However, after seeing girls who once has been my high school mates being married. I immediately realized that my time for marriage has already arrived. When I start to asses girls who can be my future wife I set different criteria’s that match my standard like cute, not too much longer than me, someone that does not contradict with my ideologies and of course someone who is much more same age as mine. Then someone told me that I was very wrong in wishing to marry at this age because I am a boy and I did not buy that man story I just thought him he was some maniac or jealous. Then I started to discuss about these issues with other peoples and they all keep telling me the same thing saying “YOU ARE JUST A BOY”.
Well I start to ask myself saying, “what being boy have got to do with my marriage at this age?”The answer was simple I do not have the financial means to support my wife or family. This fact starts to hammer my head. While I witness the marriage of my former high school friends with someone much older and richer than I do. I start to wonder why they married them .whether they love them or not one thing was clear for me as a blue sky all those men were in good financial status. As a result, I quit the fancy dream of marring this girl who I used to know right now .she is best friend of mine and I just do not want her not only to be my best friend but my future wife. I hate to see someone rich and old guy snatching away the dream of my life from me; I hate the idea of seeing many girls being a commodity to be owned by someone who have fat checks, fancy cars or visa to united states . Financial based marriage is contagious to family, society and too our future children. If the woman has, no power to be independent of her in terms of financial as well as intellectually then it will make feel the boy that he is the only boss and the woman beauty will fade as time goes by which let financial based marriage to collapse.
I know it is something that most of us cannot do anything about it but I have an idea. my idea is simple let’s invest from what we have and let’s establish a bank of marriage that can lend a money as a starter for young boys like me who wish to marry their high school dream girls.


2 thoughts on “Will you marry me?ye$

  1. I know that a lot of people in Ethiopia believe that the guy should financially be stable and ready to settle down before he gets married. I personally think that is not right that the older guys who are by then financially stable,so end up marrying the girls who are way younger than them! But unfortunately even the young girls would rather get married to someone who is more financially stable than a young boy who is not really stable. And even their parent would be glad to hand their daughter for marriage to someone who can support her financially.But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you and who ever you want to marry could grow financially together. And i think this marriage bank could be a good idea but, i think the problem is from the society more than anything! And i hope you get to marry the person you want to end up with 🙂

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