I do not know about teachers but for students it is like a nightmare the letter “F”. Once you are in campus letter F that you used to rhyme in your kindergarten days as F for Food will change and became as F for lazy student. We always wonders what makes one student safer from not being hit by the F wave, Fewer all agree that studying, attending classes and doing assignments are like vaccines one student should take before getting to exam classes.
It is not a hidden secret that grade F is given for a student who scores the minimum or that fall under the range of F .How one student will end up getting a grade so low as F. There can be stated many reasons but some of them might be not studying quite well and performing poorly in exam or it can be cutting class and not making any significant effect on your result even if you study.
However, it always amazes me to encounter a situation that fails to support my above premises. How many of us have seen a situation in which a student get good grade even if they cut classes, not do any assignment or not study. On the contrary we see students who study 24/7, attend their all classes, do their own assignment by their own but unfortunately end up being graded F or lower than what they expected. This scenario turns the lives of many dedicated students upside down by eroding their dedication like a sand on a bitch. for so long I have been protesting with a way students have been graded, for instance in many institute student comes to believe that their grade is judged not by the content of their work or performance but by the content of their character which you can say it as personal motivated. As a result, we are witnessing the performance of many students not being steady or consistent in many courses.
The main reason that brings a misunderstanding between a student and teacher is their relationship that can be portrayed as a soldier commander one or as unhappy marriage where divorce is not an option. Most student remain apathetic and passive from engaging themselves to work their issues with teachers, teachers also remains as being threatened and frightened when active students criticize them for their weak performance or when they are graded low in their evaluation paper. There is one thing that most teachers need to be aware of that is, they should not be expecting 100 % efficiency from students while teachers themselves are not efficiently fulfilling their mandate. In addition, exam results and numbers should not only be the criteria to judge one student rather active participation, ideas and group work need also to be given a room in grading students.
In a nation where education materials, books, computer, internet and decent campus living condition is not easily affordable or where it can cost you almost as equal with other luxury commodities. Teachers need to be considerate and need to ease tensions in the already despairing educations system by working along with their fellow student’s. We have witnessed many of our friends who once have been attending a same class with us are now performing as an outstanding student in Europe and America where educational materials are not luxury commodities but above all where the mind setup among their students and teachers are not like soldier- commander rather a soldier from a same platoon .


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