The Book of Abel

Our colleges are becoming like a spiritual colleges where you do not have the authority to question whatever shit is being feed to use as education, u don’t have the power to protest and speak out against the so called education priests, u don’t have the credit and acceptance for referring knowledge by deviating from their few gospel looking books. All u have to do is saying amen and praise your teachers as if they are given an authority from Jesus. When they curse you, you do not have a place to complain but to bow down for their forgiveness. Unlike the bible, they only have one commandment, which is “do not question our authority”. Their mind is virgin to knowledge, critical and positive thinking but they gave birth to degree, msc and PhD. If they hate you, they will crucify you in your grade report and your resurrection will be after one semester. The first advice they will give you when you join their kingdom of campus is not trying to taste the apple fruit of freedom of speech otherwise; they will throw you like me to home.
If you have any wish of becoming their disciple or want to heir their kingdom of hell, you have to fast from critical thinking, freedom of speech and printing their gospel books in your memories. Nevertheless, when the inevitable judgment day approaches they will be lining on the left side for perpetrating genocides on the race of freedom fighters, wisher, readers and writers.


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