For many of us who get an instant access to the internet it became not a surprise if our PC monitors always featured with blue and white color. Now a day for many people facebook has became a necessity, people do not even want to think about what will happen to them if they fail to access their face book account for few days. They will be feeling they have been isolated from the rest of the world and sent to another planet or they may match their down syndrome with Chilean trapped miners. Imagine if facebook announce to cease providing service to its 500 million active members. People from china to Rio, from Tokyo to LA, from Addis to DC will be hit by a wave of loneliness, what amnesty international will say to a country that threatens to block face book from its citizens are they going to be accused of depriving basic human rights?
Like many of face book users, I owe this company a lot because it enables me to connect with my overseas friends and long a gone friend that I was not able to reach. Right now, because of face book, I can track and contact anyone of my friends and the site also gives me a chance to appreciate different interest of people, some might flood their wall posting about movies while others post sport and extraordinary things. Above all things I owe face book for enables me to meet my former friend that has gone for nearly five years somewhere that I do not even know but thanks to face book now, we are able to resume our contact and chat about our memorable days.
For countries that are condemned for their weak social interaction among one another many suggest that social network sites like FACEBOOK can be a remedy. For countries that also deprive gathering, grouping and sharing information FACEBOOK can be oppression killer. I also wonder why peoples are easily attracted and became addicted to this type of network, is it because the site have got some magic touch on its graphics or is it because peoples are very keen in finding about one another or is it because people like to share their stories. Life will always not go in a way we planned it because of this we do not always keep in touch with peoples that once have been part of our life, but today we are at least able to confine them as part of our daily life because of face book.
Like its versatile uses facebook also have its own negative impact and some of them are in the areas of time and privacy. Because of avalanche of interest by peoples to
Use facebook there is a growing concern by many companies in the way it affects the performance of individuals and crammed the network with its high graphics content. Now a day’s students, workers, secretaries, sales person or CEO spent much of their time wandering around in the addicting site of facebook. Some people might also refer to this site, as the “Bermuda site” because once you login it is hard to logout from the site. The other issues is concerning privacy, many people’s get a request from different people they know despite the degree of their relation, they accept most of them including those peoples that they don’t even know, but peoples don’t seem to put a limit to how much people can have access to their account and they are also not careful in the type of content they post on their walls. People should have to be careful in the type of content they post because it clearly shows the blogger affiliation to the content as a result it will draw attention from people especially things related to politics and religion views have to be given a special concern. People also have to put a limit in level of clearance for one person to access their profile because it is a real life and secrets of our lives we are sharing might affect us because of our recklessness.
Many people might have their own way of interpretation or picturing facebook. For me I picture facebook as a nation where many people live. as any nation it have got a flag with white background and blue stripe on it, it’s official working language is English but doesn’t restrict to exercise any other languages also ,it’s a nation full of democracy where people don’t have a hierarchy over one another, it’s a nation where people have full freedom to live with anyone they choose, it’s a nation where it have no boundary for anyone to travel and don’t need a visa to reach places, it’s a nation where people can express their thoughts freely, generally facebook might be a nation that you won’t succeeded in witnessing it in reality but you wish saying it was real nation like utopia.


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