from shelve to coffin

About a year ago, I held a discussion about the culture and power of reading at bar camp Ethiopia. During the event, we argued about the importance of reading that we fail to recognize. But on the contrary one person gave his own opinion about book reading what he said was “now a days we live in a globe that’s predominated by electronic medias and technology where one person is able to comprehend things easily using motions pictures, audio and of course surfing in the vast ocean of the internet”. as a result he said “there is no point of me wasting time in reading a book while I have got millions of options that enables me to easily comprehend things”
Analyzing the above person opinion, I find it a very wrong pizza of opinion being made from many other wrong slices of opinions. What this person fail to understand was that he totally forgotten that we live in a nation where the electronic media status is no better than a person in comma, we live in a nation where internet censorship is highly rated from other sub-Saharan nation, where the speed is indirectly correlated with its price while 0.something % of the population have got access only for the internet.
It is a well-known fact that in technology, westerns have travelled many lights of years away from us but that does not mean they are abandoning the secret ingredient of their success. Still the western world writes, publishes, and reads countless number of books. For a lot’s of successful personalities the habit of reading can be termed as their fifth building block of their humanity.
A lot can be said about extinction of the culture of reading beside our poverty. However, the recent price fix by the government over printing Medias is enough tools to demonstrator that we are sending books from their respected shelve to a coffin for burials. Those people who would like to read, write, and publish will be mourning as they have lost a good relative that once have been their faithful friend. This faithful friend of them once have also been a good friend of mine he advices me how to talk to a girl, how to solve issues, how to keep my health, how to give back and take from my environment and I will be waiting for its resurrection.



The idea of change is something that bothers some grid and corrupted peoples because they do not want think, see or confront the life after change. There are also those who always strive, risk what they have to see a better world not only for them but also for their future generation. For me ,peoples who seeks change value more than any scientists ,author ,artists and any professionals who don’t preach about the idea of change in their sector rather who remain complacent by their personal unsatisfied need.
It always surprises me to see people having a gut to sail on a system of bureaucracy and ideology that is drowning our nation into sea of poverty deeper and deeper. Nobody seems to realize that we are only importing eivilization but not civilization to our nation. We are seeing but not observing, we are shouting and making noise but not reaching out, we are ignoring when our fellow citizens are being abduct and executed by a ruthless virus. Minds that flourish the fruit of change are being bombarded with jealousy, oppression and corruption. I wonder why we only pick up the virtue of honesty, trust, caring and goodwill when we only go to church or mosque like our spiritual clothes. The network of honesty, caring, perseverance and patriotism is becoming offline outside church and mosque compound.
We do not have to remain apathetic and disenchanted when we are the only one to start our change pilgrimage to the destination of freedom trust me others will follow, we will grow in numbers, we will brought down those pirates that attacked our sanity ship that have been sailing in the sea of calmness for 3000 years.

Infertile Pain

Pain for me is suffering; loosing what you are entitled or it can be losing freedom, health and loved ones. However, I want to talk about not pain itself but the birth of art that comes out of pain, which is a bittersweet one. In a nation like Ethiopia, balance of pain weighs more than pleasure because of poverty, oppression and deprivation. We are not the only nation to be in such kind of situation but others also made and are still making this journey. Nevertheless, what makes them different from us was that they are not painting themselves with deceiving image rather they prefer to write, talk, paint, play, act and sing about their pain. That is why they gave birth for long lasting arts like blues, hip-hop, jazz and reggae, which is why they raised millions of dollars, respect and undying love not only from their own people but also from you and me. On the contrary, we live in a nation where pain is giving birth to death, migration, silence and incarceration but not to art.
Our musical art can be taken as an example which is becoming so boring to listen and not creative. Why do you think teddy afro tap out of the entire artist that lives in this nation? Is it because he is the best vocalist, entertainer, and lyricist of all .even though the above lists score their own points for his popularity they are not quite significant as his burning pain and love for Abesha people real life style. In many of his songs teddy preach about love, democracy, unity, redemption and tolerance. However, for so long our artwork, creativity and thoughts have been censored and dictated by all those who were in power. Many decade influences and oppression of our incumbents makes our pain to become infertile of art that left us only with one artist that has been six years since he lets us to taste our pain with his golden sounds. Time after time, our identity is being deprived with frustration but no one seems to notice what is going on. Which is why we as a people lost a connection with art that narrates our identity; we are retreating from our responsibility as a citizen to fix a system that is broken and not strong enough to support and hold our unity as before.

Pardon for no crime

Recently Ethiopian incumbent has released political prisoner Birtukan mideksa following her pledge for pardon. Following her release there was a mixed feeling and response by her supporters. Some of her followers opposed her pledge for pardon; they also see it as a sign of weakness in her struggle against oppression. While others agree that, the release of Birtukan by its self was enough tools to demonstrate the government control over the judiciary.
Not only are many of us who attentively follows the development of Ethiopia politics but also for those who do not follow politics, Birtukan not a new name. She joins Ethiopian political arena following the imprisonment of Seye Abrha, despite the decision that she rendered as a high court judge in freeing him from his corruption charges, which were believed to be political, motivated. In 2005, Birtukan became very active in engaging herself in Ethiopian politics; she also became prominent figures of the then CUD party who claims a landslide victory against the incumbent despite they have been ruled out of the Ethiopian politics in a strategic and oppressing ways. Following these historic elections, constituents have been intimidated, politicians were incarcerated and journalists have been forced to exile from their home country.
Following 2005 election trauma Birtukan was incarcerated along with other prominent figures of CUD leaders. During their imprisonment, even though CUD leaders remain firm and united in their stance their unity did not last after their release. After being released, all of them made a decision that suits their interest in order to strength their struggle. politicians like Birhanu Nega fled from their home country and made it clear to the Ethiopian people that arm struggle is the only option to overthrow Meles party, while others politicians like lidetu, engineer Hailu Shawel and professor Mesfin preferred a peaceful protest . Despite Ethiopians people great anxiety for change disintegration of CUD politicians casted a shadow of hopelessness in the heart of their millions supporters. even though millions of people remained apathetic and disenchanted in their country politic ,Birtukan remained as the only source of light of hope for those who still prefer to resume their freedom journey in Ethiopian dimmed politics .her incarceration have done a great deal of damage by revealing the incumbent oppression prior to the rigged and fixed 2009 election.
The 2009 election might be stated as peaceful but in what terms can we define peaceful. From the election context peaceful was only the absence of violence. The government has done its best in silencing the sounds of peaceful politicians, artists, journalists prior to the Election Day; they have also invested millions of birr from the public pocket to paint their black image with their so-called color of democratic election. So it became as no surprise for anyone to witness a landslide victory in a battle ground where the opponent where denied the basic tools that EPRDF entitled to have as an election contestant.
Nearly a month ago the Ethiopian government announced the release of Birtukan Mideksa following her plead for pardon for the second time. The pardon was given to Birtukan for the second time, which invokes a question about the independence of judiciary system from the incumbent. Finally, the imprisonment of Birtukan was an action taken to prevent Birtukan from issuing her ticket for 2010 election.


I do not know about teachers but for students it is like a nightmare the letter “F”. Once you are in campus letter F that you used to rhyme in your kindergarten days as F for Food will change and became as F for lazy student. We always wonders what makes one student safer from not being hit by the F wave, Fewer all agree that studying, attending classes and doing assignments are like vaccines one student should take before getting to exam classes.
It is not a hidden secret that grade F is given for a student who scores the minimum or that fall under the range of F .How one student will end up getting a grade so low as F. There can be stated many reasons but some of them might be not studying quite well and performing poorly in exam or it can be cutting class and not making any significant effect on your result even if you study.
However, it always amazes me to encounter a situation that fails to support my above premises. How many of us have seen a situation in which a student get good grade even if they cut classes, not do any assignment or not study. On the contrary we see students who study 24/7, attend their all classes, do their own assignment by their own but unfortunately end up being graded F or lower than what they expected. This scenario turns the lives of many dedicated students upside down by eroding their dedication like a sand on a bitch. for so long I have been protesting with a way students have been graded, for instance in many institute student comes to believe that their grade is judged not by the content of their work or performance but by the content of their character which you can say it as personal motivated. As a result, we are witnessing the performance of many students not being steady or consistent in many courses.
The main reason that brings a misunderstanding between a student and teacher is their relationship that can be portrayed as a soldier commander one or as unhappy marriage where divorce is not an option. Most student remain apathetic and passive from engaging themselves to work their issues with teachers, teachers also remains as being threatened and frightened when active students criticize them for their weak performance or when they are graded low in their evaluation paper. There is one thing that most teachers need to be aware of that is, they should not be expecting 100 % efficiency from students while teachers themselves are not efficiently fulfilling their mandate. In addition, exam results and numbers should not only be the criteria to judge one student rather active participation, ideas and group work need also to be given a room in grading students.
In a nation where education materials, books, computer, internet and decent campus living condition is not easily affordable or where it can cost you almost as equal with other luxury commodities. Teachers need to be considerate and need to ease tensions in the already despairing educations system by working along with their fellow student’s. We have witnessed many of our friends who once have been attending a same class with us are now performing as an outstanding student in Europe and America where educational materials are not luxury commodities but above all where the mind setup among their students and teachers are not like soldier- commander rather a soldier from a same platoon .


For many of us who get an instant access to the internet it became not a surprise if our PC monitors always featured with blue and white color. Now a day for many people facebook has became a necessity, people do not even want to think about what will happen to them if they fail to access their face book account for few days. They will be feeling they have been isolated from the rest of the world and sent to another planet or they may match their down syndrome with Chilean trapped miners. Imagine if facebook announce to cease providing service to its 500 million active members. People from china to Rio, from Tokyo to LA, from Addis to DC will be hit by a wave of loneliness, what amnesty international will say to a country that threatens to block face book from its citizens are they going to be accused of depriving basic human rights?
Like many of face book users, I owe this company a lot because it enables me to connect with my overseas friends and long a gone friend that I was not able to reach. Right now, because of face book, I can track and contact anyone of my friends and the site also gives me a chance to appreciate different interest of people, some might flood their wall posting about movies while others post sport and extraordinary things. Above all things I owe face book for enables me to meet my former friend that has gone for nearly five years somewhere that I do not even know but thanks to face book now, we are able to resume our contact and chat about our memorable days.
For countries that are condemned for their weak social interaction among one another many suggest that social network sites like FACEBOOK can be a remedy. For countries that also deprive gathering, grouping and sharing information FACEBOOK can be oppression killer. I also wonder why peoples are easily attracted and became addicted to this type of network, is it because the site have got some magic touch on its graphics or is it because peoples are very keen in finding about one another or is it because people like to share their stories. Life will always not go in a way we planned it because of this we do not always keep in touch with peoples that once have been part of our life, but today we are at least able to confine them as part of our daily life because of face book.
Like its versatile uses facebook also have its own negative impact and some of them are in the areas of time and privacy. Because of avalanche of interest by peoples to
Use facebook there is a growing concern by many companies in the way it affects the performance of individuals and crammed the network with its high graphics content. Now a day’s students, workers, secretaries, sales person or CEO spent much of their time wandering around in the addicting site of facebook. Some people might also refer to this site, as the “Bermuda site” because once you login it is hard to logout from the site. The other issues is concerning privacy, many people’s get a request from different people they know despite the degree of their relation, they accept most of them including those peoples that they don’t even know, but peoples don’t seem to put a limit to how much people can have access to their account and they are also not careful in the type of content they post on their walls. People should have to be careful in the type of content they post because it clearly shows the blogger affiliation to the content as a result it will draw attention from people especially things related to politics and religion views have to be given a special concern. People also have to put a limit in level of clearance for one person to access their profile because it is a real life and secrets of our lives we are sharing might affect us because of our recklessness.
Many people might have their own way of interpretation or picturing facebook. For me I picture facebook as a nation where many people live. as any nation it have got a flag with white background and blue stripe on it, it’s official working language is English but doesn’t restrict to exercise any other languages also ,it’s a nation full of democracy where people don’t have a hierarchy over one another, it’s a nation where people have full freedom to live with anyone they choose, it’s a nation where it have no boundary for anyone to travel and don’t need a visa to reach places, it’s a nation where people can express their thoughts freely, generally facebook might be a nation that you won’t succeeded in witnessing it in reality but you wish saying it was real nation like utopia.

The Book of Abel

Our colleges are becoming like a spiritual colleges where you do not have the authority to question whatever shit is being feed to use as education, u don’t have the power to protest and speak out against the so called education priests, u don’t have the credit and acceptance for referring knowledge by deviating from their few gospel looking books. All u have to do is saying amen and praise your teachers as if they are given an authority from Jesus. When they curse you, you do not have a place to complain but to bow down for their forgiveness. Unlike the bible, they only have one commandment, which is “do not question our authority”. Their mind is virgin to knowledge, critical and positive thinking but they gave birth to degree, msc and PhD. If they hate you, they will crucify you in your grade report and your resurrection will be after one semester. The first advice they will give you when you join their kingdom of campus is not trying to taste the apple fruit of freedom of speech otherwise; they will throw you like me to home.
If you have any wish of becoming their disciple or want to heir their kingdom of hell, you have to fast from critical thinking, freedom of speech and printing their gospel books in your memories. Nevertheless, when the inevitable judgment day approaches they will be lining on the left side for perpetrating genocides on the race of freedom fighters, wisher, readers and writers.