Can Egypt recent riot fit Ethiopian political jigsaw puzzle for freedom?

Who would have thought a month before ,that the Arab world will be in turmoil for riots and since Tunisia riots has caused a tectonic shift of unrest in many Arab regions will Ethiopian feel and respond to this tectonic shift of change?.Unemployment, corruption, inflation and freedom of speech in general were the core issues and reasons for recent riots that spread like a wild fire in all Arab regions and this core reasons are widely shared in a nation like Ethiopia. When we took our selves five years before from now on we found Ethiopia facing almost same scenario as that of Egyptian people following a disputed election results, but the action taken by the Meles regime following those days up rise is something that cause Ethiopians to adapt a riot phobia. Despite the similarities of oppressing tactics as if intimidation and incarceration that were imposed on both Ethiopian and Egyptian people .certain factors sums up to make our young generation to be more subdued than Egyptian young generation. Factors like drug addiction, facebook, identity crisis and 2005-election trauma plays a significant role in absorbing the wave of shock that has been felt in the rest of Arab regions not to become vibrant in our nation. Drugs like chat that are spreading addiction among the young generation like seasonal flu are imposing an indirect curfew on our younger generation. A great deal number of our young generation is wasting its time, money and energy and hallucinating with an idea that switches off without chat. Chat, which is a local grown drug, is causing our betterment fabricating machines to halt humming. Unlike any other drug chat can be represented as the intro or appetizer for addiction like alcohol, cigar and marijuana. The lack of interference by the government in enacting towards factors like chat that are incapacitating our development are very intentional because dictators always strives to find means that will distract their people from attentively following and questioning their timeless authority. The government negligence on drugs shares a quite similar story with the introduction of dope to the streets of black ghetto hoods in the United States in order to trap the black young generation in a state of misery that would not give them a break to think about ones on identity. I always call it as fadebook one of the popular social network facebook because it has done a great deal of damage than use to Ethiopians in wasting time, energy and resource. If social Medias themselves were persons then they might have been detained, tortured or killed for the relentless service they provided in getting people connected and for keeping the people motivation alive. Egyptian and Tunisian have been wise enough in orchestrating big rallies using social Medias on the contrary Ethiopians are just wandering around in the addicting site of facebook by posting and chatting about a thing that does not have meaningful effect in their life, society and that does not replace the time, money and energy that is being wasted. However, it is not still too late for us to use and utilize the versatile use of social Medias as a way of interacting, sharing and confronting things that greatly challenges our life and ideals. With our current status quo, Egyptian riot will not be able to fit our political jigsaw puzzle and this is because of not only the dormancy of our young generation but also the stance of our military forces, lack of unity among rich, poor and different races in having a common ground toward change. The soul purpose of establishing and strengthening military is to protect people sovereignty from any external threat while assuring stabilization inside a country. Unfortunately, the very first ideals of establishing military in protecting its citizens are simply being violated by the wish of few autocratic rulers and their gun-minded generals. We as people reached a point where we no longer trust and feel safe to exercise our freedom of speech because of fearing brutality and intimidation of our own military forces who were supposed to protect us but not intimidate us. Finally, people may find it harder causing a change in Ethiopia as much harder as trying to make Nile flow back to Ethiopia from Egypt, but be sure that the route of freedom of river doesn’t determined by geographical position but by the height of determination and dedication of the people. Time is always in the process of reshaping any nation situation so that it can fit and solve the jigsaw puzzle of freedom.


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