Can Egypt recent riot fit Ethiopian political jigsaw puzzle for freedom?

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egypt wasn’t built in a day

 Egypt riot wasn’t built in a day

One men a men that I cannot still remember his name somewhere in Tunis set himself in a fire and before we know it, he sets the completely Arab region in a fire of rage against their dictatorial ship regimes. The apparent cause for the wide spread of rage and frustration in Arab young generation were very simple to comprehend, it was a question of bread, freedom of speech, job and change. Fortunately, Tunisian unrest for change was at least able to produce them a major victory in causing their two-decade term president Ben Ali to flee from Tunis along with its family. Revolution in Tunis was the route cause for igniting and firing up courage and determination among the rest of the Arab young generation.

So far, it has been 16 days since protest in Egypt starts and throughout this time things were changing drastically, following brutal use of force by Egyptian polices three hundred people have been reported dead while thousands remain wounded. Blocking internet access, mobile network and  phone lines were one of  few first tactics taken as a precaution to ban the people from connecting and letting out their anger even though it turn out to be unsuccessful strategy. People were able to gather in mosque and spread their rendezvous in a mouth-to-mouth way of communicating style. Following pro democracy protest Hosni Mubarak was forced to sack some of his top political officials and reshuffles them with other similar figures who have not been able to ease rather worsen the people rage.

As tension rises in Egypt, international community is putting a lot of pressure in Hosni Mubarak to answer the call of Egyptian people. This scenario is becoming a very deceptive and paradoxical for the obama administration in choosing freedom of speech over national security as their top foreign agenda policy. Egypt is one of the strong strategic partners for USA and ranks as the second nation next to Israel in receiving fat donation checks worth 1.5 billion dollar annually to strength their military, which on the contrary gave a strong tool for Hosni Mubarak administration to oppress its people.

Some political analyst calls the recent riots as the social network generation riots where people fuel up their anger, rage and frustration by posting, chatting, twitting and blogging that makes it harder for dictators to put their iron fist unless on social Medias unless they decided to unplug network cables that connects their countries with the rest of the world.

Despite all the grim and saddening pictures, we have pictured on our minds from the suffering and pain of Egyptian people, there are lots of good lesson to be learned for peoples all across the world who would like to further and enhance the road towards freedom. The dedication of Egyptian people for freedom was strong enough to resist the brutal police force that was exercised on them; they sacrificed the leisure of sleeping in home for the betterment of their future generation and neglected Pro Mubarak supporters and thug’s retaliation even if it cost some lives.

As Rome was not built in a day, so the recent riots in the Arab world.  Decades of dictatorship rule brews anger and frustration among the people led to destabilization on regimes that seems timeless like heaven.  Even though I fail to remember Tunis, young hero name history will remember him as the wakening caller of change in the Arab 2011 riots.